PD: Custom Hybrid

Predistortion Linearizer Modules for Solid State Power Amplifiers


Available for VHF, UHF, and Microwave Millimeter Wave Bands

For Bipolar, FET, MESFET, HEMT, and HBT Amplifiers

100% support from development through production including customer product support

Class A, AB, and B Applications


A custom development program designed specifically for manufacturers of SSPAs (Solid State Power Amplifiers). It has the following steps:

  1. The amplifer manufacturer (AM) provides LTI detailed information on the non-linear characteristics of their amplifer. LTI engineers, using proprietary modeling software, will provide an estimate of the performance improvement of a custom designed LTI linearizer module. Typically, the more non-linear the amplifier, the greater the benefit of linearization.
  2. LTI will develop a breadboard module for the AM to test with their SSPA. LTI will work with the AM to optimize the module design.
  3. When an optimum design is reached, LTI will produce a hybrid preproduction engineering model for further testing to finalize the design.
  4. LTI will then finalize the production design and undertake to produce a quantity of units.