Linearizer Technology

Company Info:


Linearizer Technology, Inc. (LTI) specializes in the solution of problems involving the non-linearity of RF/microwave components and systems. LTI provides both manufacturing and consulting services. LTIís principal business is the production of linearizers for high power microwave amplifiers.


Our Mailing Address is:

Linearizer Technology, Inc.

3 Nami Lane, Unit C-9

Hamilton, New Jersey 08619


Our Telephone Numbers are:

Main: (609) 584-8424†††† Fax: (609) 631-0177


This is our primary location, and houses our business offices, engineering laboratories and manufacturing facility. This facility is centrally located in the Princeton Corridor area of New Jersey, and is easily accessible from both Newark Liberty International and Philadelphia International Airports.


Our main telephone number is: (609) 584-8424. Normal office hours are 8:30 am Eastern Local Time to 4:30 pm Pacific Local Time. However, employees are often around at all hours. If you cannot reach anyone, and need emergency assistance, page: (888) 424-8114 or call: (609) 947-0815.


Teri Ulrich is our Marketing Manager,

Roger Dorval heads Engineering,

James Dragone manages the Microwave Products line,

John MacDonald manages advanced development and heads Linear Photonics,

Robert Gray manages Millimeter Wave product line,

Gene Hoffman is responsible for quality and MEA operations,

Allan Guida handles systems questions,

Michelle Rybinski is our Controller, and

Dr. Allen Katz is President and our Senior Scientist.


History: Dr. Allen Katz, together with several of his former students, incorporated LTI in 1991. The decision to begin manufacturing linearizers was made in 1990 when a telecommunications client required a high power amplifier for use in satellite ground stations with performance that exceeded units then in the market place. In the following year LTI introduced the first commercial "LTI Linearizer". Today, thousands of LTI linearizers are in service in the USA and through out the world. Users include virtually all TWTA and Klystron amplifier manufacturers, satellite system operators, major teleports and satellite users. LTI linearizers have also been applied in terrestrial, PCS, cellular, radar and government services.